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With regular Wilmington chimney cleaning services, you can maintain a safe, clean fire place at your home or in a commercial setting. Traditional fire places are still a great touch for any home — they can add comfort and a certain element of style.

However, wood and kindling does not burn cleanly, so you’ll be left to contend with plenty of ash, creosote and soot to deal with in your fireplace and up in your chimney. By relying on Window Gang and our proven Wilmington chimney sweep service, you can make sure those messes are thoroughly cleaned and that the structural integrity of your chimney is still intact.

Make Window Gang your choice in chimney sweep company in Wilmington NC

Window Gang is often known for our superior service when it comes to cleaning windows, but we also provide this same elite level of care as a trusted chimney sweep. In fact, our chimney cleaning services in Wilmington NC are the same services that clients rely on in over 20 states and 1,2000 cities throughout the United States!

We recommend that you bring in our chimney sweep service in Wilmington NC around twice a year to make sure that soot is not building up in your chimney. The worst thing you can do is ignore this important chore, for a couple of reasons.

  • First and foremost, failing to clean out your chimney creates a dangerous fire hazard. Our Wilmington chimney cleaning services are designed to create chimneys that are completely safe for the clients we work with.
  • Also, when soot and creosote are left in your chimney, it can start to create a stale odor that might overtake your home or commercial space. We eliminate this problem with our thorough Wilmington chimney sweep service.

As a leading Wilmington chimney sweep company, Window Gang vows to provide outstanding service that is administered by highly trained, experienced and insured technicians. They are always ready to field your questions or concerns.

Get started now with our industry-leading Wilmington chimney cleaning services. Connect with Window Gang to get a free estimate and experience “Service Beyond Your Expectations”!

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