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Blind Cleaning & Sales

A large percentage of allergies are directly related to indoor dust. A lot of this dust settles on your window blinds. Let Window Gang clean your blinds, to a like new condition, with the most effective techniques available today. Read More..

Chimney Sweeping

If your property has a fireplace, your chimney requires regular maintenance. Creosote and soot, a byproduct of the fire, will harden and create a buildup that emits a stale odor and become a potential fire hazard. In accordance with the National Fire Safety guidelines, we recommend chimney sweeping a minimum of twice a year. Read More..

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Window Gang cares about the appearance of your home; however, we care more about your safety. If your dryer vent has not been cleaned, please take this time and let us inform you about a potential safety hazard that could be detrimental to you and your family. Read More..

No Slips floor

Our No Slips Floor application is a unique floor treatment that can drastically reduce the odds of slip and fall accidents. No Slips Floor will reduce slip and fall accidents around the pool, kitchen, spa, bathtub and other wet tile areas. Read More..

Oil Remediation

Oil remediation is the process used to clean up oil spills. Oil spills threaten the health of humans and are harmful to the environment and need to be cleaned up/removed as soon as possible. Window Gang’s oil removal process is designed to reduce the binding capacity of grease and oil on concrete and asphalt through the use of our cleaning agents and micro-organisms. Read More..