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Bring award-winning Mount Pleasant window washing services to your home or commercial building by connecting with the dedicated staff here at Window Gang.

Window Gang has a presence all around the country — the same Mount Pleasant window cleaning service that is available to you locally is also used in 20 different states and roughly 1,600 cities throughout the United States. This is a sign that our methods are tried and true!

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Just because we have a nationwide reach doesn’t mean you’re working with a faceless corporation. Our Window Gang office in Mount Pleasant is locally owned and operated — we’re your fellow neighbors and we want to bring an outstanding service to the local community.

Our window washing services in Mount Pleasant SC are effective for:

  • Residential clients: Welcome in more sunlight to your home by giving your dirty, dingy windows a bath. Our technicians will thoroughly clean your windows with our wash-wax formula, which not only cleans the glass, but also protects it with a thin, invisible layer of wax.
  • Commercial clients: Whether you operate a storefront, or you’re in an office building and the windows are starting to collect filth, we’re a great window cleaning service in Mount Pleasant SC for commercial clients. You can set up recurring service to keep your windows clean week in and week out.
  • High-rise facilities: Our Mount Pleasant window washing services can even be utilized on high-rise buildings, which is the toughest window cleaning gig that there is. We adhere to all safety guidelines and utilize our own team members to take care of this high-risk work. There is no job too tough for Window Gang!

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