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With Window Gang, you get access to quality Mount Pleasant chimney cleaning services to ensure that your fireplace remains safe and functioning correctly. We have highly trained, educated and experienced crews that implement proven methods of removing soot, creosote and other debris from your chimney. 

We recommend our Mount Pleasant chimney sweep service roughly twice a year to make sure that nothing builds up in your chimney. You could probably get away with an annual service if you don’t use your fireplace much.

As your chimney sweep company in Mount Pleasant SC, we are able to remove soot and other elements that, not only will start to smell stale over time, but can even serve as a fire hazard. Don’t risk it — bring in our crews to make sure your chimney is nice and clean. 

About your chimney cleaning services in Mount Pleasant SC

When it comes to maintaining a safe, clean chimney, the men and women behind our chimney sweep service in Mount Pleasant SC can do a couple things for you.

  • Provide you with a thorough cleaning. Of course, the primary objective of our Mount Pleasant chimney cleaning services is to sweep off the caked-on soot throughout your chimney and vacuum it out. We will handle this work while protecting the interior of your home from unsightly black marks and stains.
  • Selling and installing chimney caps. This is another aspect of our Mount Pleasant chimney sweep service. By putting a cap on your chimney ,you are able to keep rain and critters from entering your chimney. It will also ensure that sparks don’t exit your chimney and threaten your home. 

Experience “Service Beyond Your Expectations” with Window Gang

Window Gang has chimney experts on our team and they’re ready to go to work for you. Connect with our team and get a free estimate on our Mount Pleasant chimney cleaning services.

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