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Welcome to the home for affordable, convenient and highly effective Greenville chimney cleaning services. We are Window Gang, and we have extensively trained and highly knowledgeable technicians that can come to your home or commercial building to provide a thorough inspection and cleaning for your chimney. 

Why do you need Greenville chimney sweep service?

Fires that burn in your fire place don’t burn cleanly. Over time, the inside of your chimney will become caked with creosote, soot and other dirt and debris. This discharge can start to lend a stale smell to your home, but, even more importantly, it can serve as a fire hazard.

Our chimney sweep company in Greenville SC has proven methods of scrubbing your chimney clean to eliminate any risk. With our chimney cleaning services in Greenville SC, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained chimney.

Do I really need a professional chimney sweep service in Greenville SC?

It’s possible to clean your own chimney, but not many people have the specialized tools to get the job done. Also, it can be dangerous work, as it requires you to get on top of your roof. Why put yourself in harm’s way when our Greenville chimney sweep company can take care of the job for you?

The men and women behind our Greenville chimney cleaning services are highly trained and equipped with all the needed tools to handle the job efficiently. Safety is our primary concern — we adhere to all OSHA regulations and we make sure that no chimney is considered clean until every potential fire hazard is removed.

Lean on our Greenville chimney sweep service for your home or commercial building

Chimneys need a thorough cleaning roughly twice a year. Our experts can also inspect your chimney to identify any structural issues or other disrepairs in your system. If we spot anything, we’ll help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

See how affordable our Greenville chimney cleaning services are. Submit a request for a free estimate.

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