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Franchise Owner's Testimonials

“Window Gang has become more than a business for me. It is also a hobby. I bought the franchise with the knowledge that I was buying the best opportunity out there. I am impressed each day by the professionalism, aptitude and organization of the founder and the Window Gang Venture’s team. Through the model organization they maintain, their inspiring effort to help my business succeed keeps me striving to do better than the day before. What better value is there?”

Norman Ward, Window Gang franchisee

“With 18 years in public practice accounting, I sold my practice in order to build franchises for Window Gang. Never have I seen a business that will cash flow as quickly as a Window Gang Franchise. When I took over the Naples, FL franchise in December 2004, I was doing my first job 36 hours after driving into town. I had never been to Naples before in my life. After building the Houston, TX franchise for two years my wife and I decided to look into the potential of selling the business. After listing with a brokerage office, the franchise sold within a day to the first person who looked at it.”
Lester J. Leavitt, Window Gang franchisee

“I purchased a Window Gang franchise knowing I was buying the best window cleaning service business on the market today. From the endless franchise support and the highest quality continual training I am able to provide my customers with the best cleaning services available. As a Window Gang Franchise owner I would not have it any other way.”
Joe Jenkins, Window Gang franchisee

“From the extreme hours of retail management, buying a Window Gang Franchise has been a blessing. My flexible schedule, now as a Window Gang Franchise affords me the luxury of complete involvement with my family and all our recreational activities.”
Chris Kennedy, Window Gang franchisee

“By implementing the techniques, training, and market knowledge I received from Window Gang, my income has tripled in the last 3 months.”
David Marsh, Window Gang franchisee