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Window Cleaning

Window Gang of NW Indiana provides a superior residential and commercial window cleaning process that cleans your windows with a unique wash-wax formula, leaving them exceptionally clean and protected from the elements. Our environmentally safe wash & wax formula leaves an invisible shield on the windows that will repel dust, dirt, pollen, etc.  When using Window Gang of NW Indiana, the window cleaning specialists, our unique formula ensures your windows will stay cleaner longer than any standard window cleaning solution used by other window cleaners in our community.  It has been tested & proven!
Did you know...
  • Clean windows help to allow more sunlight into your home, which can help with energy costs in the winter.
  • Failure to clean your windows can lead to water spots* which can permanently damage glass.
  • Having your windows cleaned regularly will protect the glass from permanent water spots*.
Today’s glass is softer and more prone to spots. Ninty-nine percent of all window cleaners use Joy, Dawn, Ammonia (or a combination of each) to wash windows. These soaps will clean the windows, but offer no extended protection against spotting on this newer, softer glass.  
For this reason, Window Gang of NW Indiana uses our own special blend of solutions that will not only wash, but will also wax your windows.  Our solution contains cleaning detergents that properly clean glass surfaces and a unique proprietary wax that leaves a protective shield on your windows, to prevent acid rain and hard water spots.  
No other company or window cleaning solution can offer this protection!
*Should you notice water spots on the glass, Window Gang of NW Indiana also offers comprehensive glass restoration services for windows, including the removal of acid rain spots, sprinkler over-spray deposits, screen stains and salt spots. Allowing Window Gang of NW Indiana to regularly clean your new or properly restored glass, ensures your windows will remain clean and spot-free. 

Water Spots On Glass

​A frustrating situation for both window cleaners and homeowners is the unsightly spots that sometimes remain on the windows even after they have been professionally cleaned.  A proper explanation of what causes these spots and what is required to remove them will hopefully alleviate any unrealistic expectations.
A government sponsored study was conducted in the mid eighties to determine what was causing irremovable spots on skyscraper windows.
The spots were occurring from a variety of sources and categorized as: Acid Rain, Hard Water (from sprinklers, building washing, previous window washing), and "Screen Staining” (the sun’s UV rays actually stain an imprint from the screen onto the glass).
These spots vary in severity and are classified as:
Cat 1 – Mild to moderate spotting from Acid Rain and/or Hard Water
            These spots can likely be removed with WINDOW GANG’s glass restoration process-using
            WINDOW GANG Spot & Stain Remover.  
Cat 2 – Severe spots from Hard Water and/or Acid Rain/ Screen Staining
            These spots can possibly be removed by WINDOW GANG’s glass restoration process,
            using WINDOW GANG Clear (Hydrofluoric Acid).  Then we will seal the glass with a safety
            sealer. (Care must be taken with the Acid cleaning process as it can occasionally “frost” 
            glass, which would result in glass replacement.  It cannot be used on automotive, tinted,
            mirrored, self-cleaning (titanium coated), tempered or stained glass and  should not
            contact non-glass surfaces.)    
            ***EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN WHEN USING ACID***Gloves, safety glasses, and
            face masks must be used to protect skin and proper ventilation is required.
Cat 3 - Permanent spots and staining
            The only option is to replace the glass.  If spots are removed before it gets to Cat 3 you
            can possibly prevent glass replacement. 

Before Hiring A Window Cleaning Company

The International Window Cleaning Association recommends that you ask your window cleaning professional these five questions:
Is your window cleaner properly insured with both workers compensation and general liability coverage?
Our Answer:  Window Gang of NW Indiana carries Workers Compensation on all 
                        technicians and a minimum of one million dollars of General Liability coverage.
Does your window cleaner have the experience to effectively and efficiently complete your job on time?
Our Answer:  Our 25+ years of experience ensures you will receive “Service Beyond Your
                        Expectations.” Since the beginning, Window Gang of NW Indiana has lead 
                        the industry in window cleaning. Window Gang of NW Indiana has the 
                        experience and the tools needed to effectively and efficiently provide you 
                        with spot & streak free windows. We will arrive on time and will finish in a 
                        timely manner.

Has your window cleaner been properly trained in safe practices?
Our Answer:  Window Gang technicians are thoroughly trained to adhere to our safety
                        protocol mandates.  Every technician is required to attend training in ladder, 
                        chemical and extention pole safety and all other safety procedures required
                        for our offered services. We follow all OSHA & EPA guidelines.
Is your window cleaner knowledgeable about proper cleaning methods and glass quality issues?
Our Answer:  Window Gang of NW Indiana service technicians attend mandatory employee 
                        education meetings. This not only gives them the chance to continue their 
                        training, but also gives our trainers the chance to introduce new tools and 
                        methods for cleaning advanced window coatings and films.  Our technicians 
                        are extensively trained and educated in all aspects of proper window cleaning 
                        methods and glass quality such as scratch prevention, water spot prevention 
                        and restoration services just to name a few.
Does your window cleaner represent him or herself in a professional manner, making sure that you can take pride in the quality service provided to your home or business?
Our Answer:  Window Gang of NW Indiana crew members wear uniforms and arrive in 
                        clean, professional vehicles marked clearly with our logo.  All of our employees 
                        go through extensive background checks before arriving at your home.  
                        We will only enter your home wearing shoe covers, to protect your floor/carpet.  
                        Our technicians are trained and educated and only use the best available tools 
                        and chemicals.

Let Window Gang of NW Indiana show you why we are the industry leaders in residential and commercial window cleaning across the country.  From our unique and exclusive wash & wax window cleaning formula to our clean, educated & fully trained technicians, Window Gang will provide you, “Service Beyond Your Expectations!”

Environmentally Friendly
Since the beginning, Window Gang has not only been committed to providing exceptional window cleaning services, but to also be an environmentally friendly company as well.  All of our solutions, sealers and chemicals are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  Window Gang is a “green” company, providing safer alternatives for the environment & for our customers. Window Gang is comprehensively insured, bonded, and carry workers’ compensation on all employees. All of our restoration products are environmentally safe, biodegradable and approved by OSHA. Service technicians carry material safety data sheets on each chemical, protecting all parties. All Window Gang employees are uniformed and all trucks are clearly marked with our logo. Our employees are extensively educated and trained in job safety and follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines.
Our continued professionalism is exhibited by the various national certifications, training programs, and associations to which we belong. Our affiliations have included;
  • International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA)
  • Wolman Certified Contractor Program
  • Power Washers of North America (PWNA)
  • Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA)
  • National Chimney Sweeping Guild (NCSG)
  • The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  • Environmentally Conscious Mobile Power Washing Certification
  • Delco Chemical Cleaning & Paint Stripping Certification
  • Water Reclamation Systems Certification
  • American Building Restoration Graffiti Removal Certified
  • American Building Restoration Wood Preservative Certified

Our services are dependable and of first-rate quality. References and proof of insurance are available upon request. Estimates, of course, are always free.
Window Gang of NW Indiana services the following locations: Antioch, Bannockburn, Barrington, Barrington Hills, Beach Park, Buffalo Grove, Deer Park, Deerfield, Fox Lake, Fox River Grove, Grayslake, Green Oaks, Gurnee, Hainesville, Hawthorn Woods, Highland Park, Highwood, Indian Creek,  Island Lake, Kildeer,  Lake Barrington, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Lakemoor, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Lindenhurst, Long Grove, Mettawa, Mundelein,  North Barrington, North Chicago, Old Mill Creek, Park City,  Port Barrington,  Riverwoods, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, Third Lake, Tower Lakes, Vernon Hills, Volo, Wadsworth, Wauconda, Waukegan, Wheeling, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Aberdeen, Beverly Shores, Burns Harbor, Chesterton, Crisman, Dune Acres, Hebron, Kouts, Lakes of the Four Seasons, McCool, Morgan Park, Ogden Dunes, Portage, Porter, Shorewood Forest, South Haven, Town of Pines, Valparaiso, Western Acres, Wheeler, Willow Creek, Wilson

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